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Nano Sim Cards

Nano sim cards are small sim cards, smaller even than micro sim cards.

What are Nano Sim Cards?

As mobile phone (cellphone) technology develops, sim cards have adapted to meet the needs of new generations of phones, especially smartphones. The primary way they have done this is by becoming smaller: old style full sized sim cards have slowly been being replaced by micro sim cards (or micro sims), as more and more phone manufacturers haveimplemented this newer standard. Now with new smartphones packing in even more technology and even more features, space is at a higher premium than ever before: for this reason, manufactueres are now bringing out phones that require nano sim cards.

What are the Advantages of Nano Sim Cards?

Nano sim cards, or nano sims, have certain advantages when compared to standard-sized sim cards or micro sim cards. The first is, as has been mentioned, that being smaller they leave more space for the increasing amounts of hardware that powers new smartphones. Simply, due to the dimensions of the human body phones can't get above a certain size and still stay usable, and recognisable as phones, yet as phones rise in power and complexity more and more technology has to be packed in. Reducing the size of the sim is one way to provide space for other hardware.

Another advantage to nano sim cards is their extra capabilities. AS the most advanced forms of sim cards, nano sims can generally fit more data than previous types of sim, despite their smaller size. This means that the sim is able to store numbers, eMails and other personal information relative to each contact.

Nano sims are also designed to be backwards compatible with standard sim cards and micro sims, provided an adapter is used that will allow the nano sim card to be used in the sim slot of a phone that takes either of the larger sizes.

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